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PERSUASIVE SPEECH General Purpose : To persuade the audience of the ineffectiveness of the steroid tests among high school athletes. Specific Purpose : Drug prevention rather than tests would help to reduce the consumption. Central Idea : State legislature should not test high school athletes for steroids. A New Test for Texas’ High School Students INTRODUCTION I. Who of you has brothers of sisters that play sports? II. I also have a brother that plays sports. He is 15 years-old and plays football and I care for his health and the fairness of the competition when he plays. III. The State legislature should not test high school athletes for steroids. IV. My opponent made several good arguments. Today I will address “the importance of the athletes’ health” and “the fairness in competition.” BODY My opponents in the legislature, according to CBS News, “plan to test at least 22,000 random student athletes in the next academic year.” a) What caught my attention was the fact that “the State will be paying for the tests, rather than forcing the schools to raise the ticket prices to cover the costs.” 1. 22,000 student athletes are a lot. Nevertheless, that is just a 3% of the 730,000 student athletes in the State of Texas. The cost of one single test is about $200 dollars. If we multiply $200 times 22,000 we will get 4million
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Eduardo_Persuasion_Sample_Speech - PERSUASIVE SPEECH...

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