Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Lecture 2/6/08 Vision We perceive the world...

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Lecture 2/6/08 Vision We perceive the world through our receptors, cells specialized to receive chemical, mechanical or radiant signals from the environment o Co nes: process high-acuity co lor vision in good lighting o Rods: Sensitive to low light (used for vision at night) no color information How do we process external info, such as light? o Transduction: conversion of energy from one form to another ( e.g. Light into neural signal ( via ion exchange in rods/cones) o Transduction occurs in all sensory systems (sensory info must be converted to a neural signal) Main visual pathway o Light hits retina rods or ones (receptors) induce neural signal (via ion exchange) signal passed on to ganglion cells (GC) in retina GC axons form optic nerve which exits retina Thalamus (LGN) Most go to primary visual cortex (occipital lobe) o Figure 6.8 in book: cones are located in the center of the retina, the fovea. They process information that is highly detailed. o At the optic chiasm, the optic information is switched to opposite sides of the brain. o Retinotopic map: areas close together in visual field (& on retina) are represented closely on visual cortex Sensation and perception o Many layers of information processing (hierarchical) o 1. Receptors: get info from outside and project to … o 2. Thalamic relay nuclei: Gateway to cortex; many diff nuclei (e.g. for visual system (LGN), somatosensory (VP, etc. ) from here to… o 3. Primary sensory cortex: 1 st stop in cortex ( for vision = striate cortex) o 4. Secondary sensory ctx: higher level of processing sensory info o 5. Association ctx:
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Lecture 8 - Lecture 2/6/08 Vision We perceive the world...

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