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BlackPowerMovementTest3 - Black Power Movement TEST 3 The...

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Black Power Movement TEST 3 The Rise of Black Political Power By 1967-1968 the protesters understood that at some point they had to make the transition from protest to politics. At some point they needed to control the political apparatus. Black folks begin to think about taking control of the political system. Important because prior to this, black folk are powerless. Protesting only does so much. They begin to understand that the most powerful political position is the MAYOR. Because it represents the best opportunity for a politician to dramatically improve the quality of life for someone in an instant. The position of mayor allows for direct contact and engagement with residents. (Lady in south Austin that wants speed bumps-mayor has the power to get a truck out there to fix it) --How Obama became senator. Richard daily had been mayor of Chicago for about 25 years. Daily gave Obama the nomination of senator to get him out of the city of Chicago so he wouldn’t become mayor. ** Black political takeover : --Changing demographics . White flight- blacks coming into the cities and whites moving to suburban areas. Over time the black vote becomes very powerful --White disinterest . -Miami-Dade county-doesn’t have a mayor. White folks trying to create a metropolitan form of government. (it combines everything together—allows people in the suburbs to control what goes on in the city.) This dilutes the influence and power of the black vote. --Renewed political consciousness on the part of black folks: (Critical) Black folk begin to realize how powerful these positions are and how much money in terms of budget are attached to these positions. Cleveland Ohio- first place this black political takeover took place. Most conscious city in the United States in the 1960s. Run a black man for mayor in 1967 Able to elect him because Carl Stokes had credibility in the hood in the civil rights movement but was also an attorney. He had the ability to connect with black people on different levels. He had charisma. Was able to talk to people. He also was looked at as an insurance policy against black folk going crazy. He would provide for the needs of black folk so they would not raise hell. If there’s a black person in office, then black folk may not riot because they’ll have someone that’s sympathetic to their needs and situation. When black folk come into office they have to deal with unrealistic expectations. (Not even reachable.) They expect one person in a matter of years to deal with decades of racism, discrimination and inequality. When they got to office, black mayors wanted to: Give black folks jobs. Mayors control jobs. Give black business owners city contracts. (Atlanta airport in the 1970s) Important because…
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Many black mayors passed laws that said any business that wants a city contract had to have their workforce majority black. This creates jobs.
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