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Book Review - EXAM Materials Book Review Black Rage In New...

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EXAM Materials: Book Review Black Rage In New Orleans- intro 3 4 7 conclusion Why did he write this book? What makes NO unique? 1. NOPD = arguably the most corrupt/brutal units in US. Highest # of citizen complaints in mid 90s. 2. blacks have sustained a record of protest there since 40s. -brutality received very little attention as an issue because nat'l civil rights figures made integration and voting rights a higher priority, despite brutality being the one issue that crosses all of the divides the black community has. Why has police brutality been a persistent issue? Whats the goal/purpose of the book? Thesis/argument? -because the NOPD institutionalized an informal culture of police brutality, seeing themselves as the guardians of white privilege and opponents of black progress. -to provide a historical context by focusing on the relationship between a city’s black community and its police department over an extended period of time. in the process made connection between fair police protection and democracy. Ch 3: nature of conflict between the panthers and police? Desire projects? What role does the geography play in the conflict? How do the people respond to the BPP? Black Panther Party Platform and Program · Wanted an IMMEDIATE end to police brutality and sexual violence against women · Black panthers: - Saw themselves as protectors of the Black community - Accused law enforcement of using Gestapo-like tactics? - Established a neighborhood patrol to monitor the police HOW? New Orleans Black Panther Party · Well received by the black poor, who were able to relate to the issues the BPP was advocating - The BPP set up their headquarters near the St. Thomas Housing Projects × BP member “Steve” came from Cali and called William Rouselle (American Deputy Director of city’s Human Resources Committee × Steve asked for governmental assistance, while other members demanded donations and food from local grocery stores (this intimidation made police aware of their negative presence) × Rouselle got them a meeting with Vincent, exec. Director of the Total Community Action, whose ranks were filled by members of the city’s black political organizations with strong ties to Mayor Landrieu; panthers chose not to attend this meeting however - Panthers relocate to the Desire Projects × Projects located in an isolated area of the city by railroad tracks, the Industrial Canal, and the Mississippi River × Gave the BPP their best shot for success × Conditions = worst possible 1. Children swimming in sewers
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2. Fam afraid to leave house at night due to rape, assault, and murder 3. Uncollected garbage 4. Geographical, physical, and cultural isolation 5. Roach-infested apartment 6. 61% poverty rate × Robert Tucker’s (Assistant to Mayor Landrieu) 8 point program to alleviate problems in Desire 1. Increased police patrols (near food-stamp center and check cashing businesses) 2. Routine garbage pickup 3. Demolition of all abandoned buildings and replacement with recreational facilities 4. Regular metro bus service 5.
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