BPM Test 2 Review

BPM Test 2 Review - BPM Test 2 Review This is the stuff...

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BPM Test 2 Review: This is the stuff from the Sunday review, it it’s underlined or starred***** it means he put a lot of emphasis on it or will be a test question I’ll be going to the review Mdonday, if anything else comes up I’ll add it here. Good luck yall Watts Riot – black on white violence, brought national attention to problems of the ghetto o LA was seen as a place for opportunity for southern blacks, but clearly not so o Told White America that non-violence wasn’t going to work anymore o First event of and a defining moment of the BPM Lowndes County – call for black power o Comes from a march going through Mississippi Surprising because it went against the usual passiveness, non-violent ideologies of southern blacks o Stokely Carmichael’s coming out party o Trying to register blacks to vote, but also moving beyond registering: get blacks to run, wanted educational and economic opportunities o o Image of the Black Panther – panther won’t attack, but if attacked it will defend itself o Largely black county, didn’t control anything o Groups who didn’t want to get involved: Black churches – afraid of what the whites would do Middle class black folk – didn’t want to lose their jobs, didn’t want to be lead by the uneducated Black Panther Party o Why did the panthers organize around police brutality*** One thing that unified every black person, all blacks were exposed to
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BPM Test 2 Review - BPM Test 2 Review This is the stuff...

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