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Lecture 13 – October 13, 2011 1. A 1-2 page critic about why we still need a black president due Tuesday 2. Speaker: Elizabeth Berry o Why US Still needs a black president from the Obama o What is church? A body of believers An institution First church is a Christian religion Christianity as the main religion Being beaten and prosecuted by their own Christians Empirical church Collection of people who would meet and listen to songs - an outlawed group and prosecuted because it was based on religion Motivated by their own self-interest o We should try to preserve the water until everyone else can use it o Survival of the resources Are you better off with everyone as your ally or everyone as your enemy Way better as an ally and that is the reason for Church o So why a black president? People care more about themselves Some influential people Malcom X MLK Frederick Douglas Assata S Rosa Parks
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Unformatted text preview: Obama Harriet Tubman Muhammad Ali Joe Lewis o Must do person • The person that is motivated to do the right thing because it is the right thing • Not because It is easy, popular, successful, they do it despite of all of that • EX: Rosa Park o Can-do people vs. must-do people o You eliminate from that leadership position when you say not to expect from them because they will do whatever the CAN do • This transform them into can-do people o When you put two people to run they run against each other o Obama said: "I cant be the president for black americans" • Why cant you?? o Why does Obama no fit into the Must-do category • Being the president he has the leverage • He has the connections • He thought he wasn’t going to be successful so he didn’t even try • He has been watching the wrong being done he should try to fix that now...
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