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Lecture 17 - A scene of children walking with their parents...

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Lecture 17 – October 27, 2011 1. Next test Tuesday Nov 8th 2. Video 1: Eyes on the Prize Episode 09 - Power! 1966-1968 -- 30:30 o Black panthers still struggled to work within the system o Parents wanted to fight for their kids education o The experiment go out of hands o Integrated teaching staff o The community board faced a dilemma o Transferring teachers from school to school was normal but when McCoy tried to do it, it would be controversial o The transfers were illegal o During the strike of 1971
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Unformatted text preview: A scene of children walking with their parents o Some teachers were trying to figure out the basic teaching methods and even bringing in cultural background o The students were no longer part of a small community but became international because of Malcom X, etc o People questioned the Union's commitment to children's education o Board was asked to return 3. Video 2: Eyes on the Prize Episode 11 - Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More 1964-1972 -- 25:00 o College Campuses...
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