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Lecture 18 – November 1, 2011 1. Test o Why did the kids want power? o Parents wanted control of political process that would meet the needs o How did the university help boycott 2. Black power movement and black athletes o 1930 - sports represent nothing more but a distraction from their issues o There is an over representation o 775 out of 55,000 students are athletes o Sports are very political Even playing the national anthem o Historically, have been used as ambassadors both domestic and foreign o Alli He made money for them They loved hanging around him Only when they were playing ball Starts becoming more conscious 1962 - becomes the mentee for Malcom X "What you stand for depends on where you have been sitting" o When have you heard a black basketball player being called smart o Athletes aren't seen as being on the field smart but as being born good for athletes o African people provide the labor, other people get the wealth
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Unformatted text preview: o Work was compensation • If you get hurt, the university doesn't have to pay for it if you are released or when the scholarship its over o Mid 1960s • Prior to this, all athletic scholarships were 4 years guaranteed and now its 1 year award, can be renewed o National signing day - late 60s • It’s a private entity • Even if you sign it, the university is under no obligation to give money • It binds you to go to that university • If they want to leave, the university has to "release" them, they can sit him out if he wants to go play with some other team • Late 60s, people were becoming conscious Black labor and white wealth Called for a boycott • Not fair that they can't do many things but they are allowed to 1964 - second time boycotting because they didn’t listen last • Foundational piece...
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