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Thursday, Nov. 10 Mayor is the most important political position o It allows for direct contact with people o Has the ability to tell someone to do as soon as possible How Obama became a senator o Richard David o When Obama was state senator o They gave Obama de senator because they wanted to get him out of Chicago do he wouldn’t become the mayor so he because the US senator How Obama got most of the votes o Demographic shift 1960s majority of cities Black folks become really powerful o White disinterest White people lost interest in what goes on in the Miami Hayfen Day County Early 60s trying to create a metropolitan form of government It combines everything together and allows them to control everything that goes on in the city o Renew of political consciousness on black folks When black folks began to realized how much power political positions have
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Unformatted text preview: City of Cleveland, Ohio was the most conscious cities Run a black person for major Where able to elect him Lincoln lost credibility in the hood He could operate on all level Attorney From the hood He would leave his law firm and then He had the ability to connect with black people Have charisma Seen as an assurance policy for black people acting crazy They might not ride / not sympathetic for the situation o Unrealistic expectations Expectations that aren't even reachable Things they wanted to do Control jobs / Give people jobs Service jobs where you cant be fired vs. appointed jobs Give business owners city contracts Address police brutality Promotions - rules - regulations Books to read who wanted to be promoted Malcom X autobiography...
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