Book Notes Ch. 13

Book Notes Ch. 13 - Book Ch 13 1 Retailers and wholesalers...

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Book Ch 13 1. Retailers and wholesalers plan their own strategies o Understand how retailing and wholesaling are evolving us o Strategy planning for retailers Product offering Expand assortment and service; increase price Mass-merchandise retailers Competing on convenience Retailing on the internet o Nature of retailing Evolution of retailing Retailer size and profits Difference in retailing in different nations o Strategy planning for wholesalers Evolution of wholesaling How wholesaler add values Merchant wholesalers Agent wholesalers o Future of retailing and wholesaling Technology effect Implications for marketing 2. The Nature of retailing o Retailing covers all of the activities involved in the sale of products to final consumers 3. Planning a Retailer's strategy o Consumers have reasons for buying form particular retailers o Retailers make decisions about the whole marketing mix o In the US, about 3/4 of new retailing ventures fail during the first year o Strategy required carefully setting policies o Different types of retailers emphasize different strategies 4. Conventional retailers - try to avoid price competition o General stores - which carried anything they could sell in reasonable volume o Now most conventional retailers are single-line or limited-line stores - stores that specialize in certain lines of related product rather than a wide assortment o Single-line, limited-line retailers specialize by products o Single-line, limited-lines stores are being squeezed 5. Expand Assortment and service - to compete at high price o A specialty shop - a type of conventional limited-line store - is usually small and has a distinct "personality" Sell special types of shopping products, such as high-quality sporting goods, exclusive clothing, cameras, or even antiques o Specialty shops usually sell shopping products o Department stores are larger stores that are organized into many separate departments and offer many products lines. o Department stores combine many limited-line stores and specialty shops 6. Evolution of mass-merchandising retailers o Mass-merchandising concept - which says that retailers should offer low prices to get faster turnover and greater sales volumes o Mass-merchandising is different from conventional retailing
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o Supermarkets - large stores specializing in groceries with self-service and wide assortments o Supermarkets started the move to mass-merchandising
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Book Notes Ch. 13 - Book Ch 13 1 Retailers and wholesalers...

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