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Chap 16 – Study Guide Product Advertising - tries to sell a product Pioneering Advertising - tries to develop a primary demand for a product category rather than demand for a specific brand Usually done in the early stages of production life cycle It informs potential customers about a new product Competitive advertising - tries to develop selective demand for a specific brand Firm forced into competitive advertising as the product life cycle moves along Direct type - aims for immediate buying action Indirect type - points out product advantages to affect future buying decisions Reminder advertising - tries to keep the products name before the public May be good to use when brand has reached brand preference or insistence in the market maturity or sales decline stage
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Unformatted text preview: • Institutional Advertising - promotes an organization's image, reputation, or ideas rather than a specific product • Its main objective is to develop/increase goodwill or improve a firms relationship with various groups • Objectives Guide Implementation • Awareness • Interest • Evaluation and Trial • Decision • Confirmation • Best media selection • Effectiveness depends on how well the medium fits with: Promotion objectives What Target market you want to reach Funds available Nature of media, including whom they reach, with what frequency etc. • AIDA Model • Get Attention • Hold Interest • Arouse Desire • Obtain Action • Advertisement is all about persuasion...
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