Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 Ch 11 1. Stay on tasks with the...

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Lecture 13 – Ch 11 1. Stay on tasks with the homework o Article it is due on Nov 17th o Project 2. Chapter 11 - Place and Development of Channel Systems o Importance of getting product to market o Place Objective o Direct vs. Indirect o Channel Specialist 3. How do you channel your self to companies? o Go to career fairs o You cant expect them to hire you without even trying o You have to be prepared o Know your product (your skills) o I AM A PRODUCT o You have to know people that know people o Parents are a channel 4. Marketing Channels o A combination of organizations and individuals who perform the required activities to link producers of products to users of those products to accomplish marketing objectives 5. Develop Channel Objective and Strategy o Channel objectives- specifically states, measureable, and consistent with firm's marketing objectives o Channel strategy - an expression of a general action plan and guidelines for allocating resources to achieve the channel objective 6. Factors in Channel Strategy o Buyer preference - letting the customers buy the way they want to Make your brochure, attend info sessions If you don’t make the pre-screening make sure you make the screening Go to BBA Career Services to get the main contact for the company and ask to get breakfast with you o Relationship orientation - building strong relationships with customers
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Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 Ch 11 1. Stay on tasks with the...

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