Lecture 16 - Lecture 16 Ch 13 1. Not responsible for the...

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Lecture 16 – Ch 13 1. Not responsible for the entire wholesaler chapter but you do have to read it because there will be a general question of the chapter 2. Ch. 13 Wholesaler o Why retailers evolve and change The wheel of retailing keeps on rolling AND Scrambled merchandising = higher profits Product life cycle applied to retailing Ethical issues may arise o Difference in Retailing in different nations New ideas spread Mass-marketing requires mass markets Must adapt marketing strategies Online retailing varies o Why is a wholesaler? A wholesaler is the ability of a person or establishment that sells to merchants that do not normally sale in higher quantity to the final customer EX: Costco, Sam's, sometimes Walmart Changing with the times Producing value and profits, not chasing orders Progressive wholesalers adapt Goodbye to some? For those that don’t have good strategies o Types of wholesalers (Exhibit 13-6) Look over the charts 3. Article: Retailing/Target Marketing - Home Depot builds relationships with Hispanic customers o Home depot is launching a partnership with fours national Hispanic orgs to recruit more Spanish speaking employees o They have decided to take in the valuable Hispanic customer niche It is estimated that Hispanics have $1 trillion in annual purchasing power By 2020, 40% of new home buyers will be Hispanic
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Lecture 16 - Lecture 16 Ch 13 1. Not responsible for the...

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