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Chapter Topic Stuff from the Chapter Chap 2 Financial Statements Cash flows, net income, dividends, RE Chap 3 Ratios Ratios, FCF, Dupont, Liquidity, Efficiency, Financing, Profitability Chap 4 Forecasting % of sales, Sustainable Growth Chap 5 TVM PV, FV, I, N, PMT Chap 6 Bonds YTM, APY, EAY, Duration Chap 7 Stocks Preferred, Gordon Growth, 2 stage Chap 8 Risk Return Annualized return, standard deviation, variance, correlation, systematic, unsystematic
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Unformatted text preview: Chap 9 Beta, CAPM, WACC Cost of debt, tax implications, build up Chap 10 Leverage Breakeven, DOL, DFL, DCL Chap 11 NPV IRR Payback, NPV, IRR, PI, EAA Chap 12 Capital Budgeting Depreciation, MACRS, Straighline, Sunk costs, Sale of an asset, tax shield, NWC Chap 13 Valuation FCFF, FCFE, Constant growth model Chap 15 Personal finance IRAs, Life insurance,...
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