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Unformatted text preview: MIT Course 16 Fall 2002 Thermal Energy 16.050 Prof. Z. S. Spakovszky Notes by E.M. Greitzer Z. S. Spakovszky Table of Contents PART 0- PRELUDE: REVIEW OF UNIFIED ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS 0.1 What it's all about 0-1 0.2 Definitions and fundamentals ideas of thermodynamics 0-1 0.3 Review of thermodynamics concepts 0-2 PART 1- THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS 1.A- Background to the Second Law of Thermodynamics 1.A.1 Some Properties of Engineering Cycles: Work and Efficiency 1A-1 1.A.2 Carnot Cycles 1A-3 1.A.3 Brayton Cycles (or Joule Cycles): The Power Cycle for a Gas Turbine Jet 1A-5 Engine 1.A.4 Gas Turbine Technology and Thermodynamics 1A-8 1.A.5 Refrigerators and heat pumps 1A-11 1.A.6 Reversibility and Irreversibility in Natural Processes 1A-12 1.A.7 Difference between Free Expansion of a Gas and Reversible Isothermal 1A-14 Expansion 1.A.8 Features of reversible Processes 1A-16 1.B The Second Law of Thermodynamics 1.B.1 Concept and Statements of the Second Law 1B-1 1.B.2 Axiomatic statements of the Laws of Thermodynamics 1B-3 1.B.3 Combined First and Second Law Expressions 1B-5 1.B.4 Entropy Changes in an Ideal Gas 1B-6 1.B.5 Calculation of Entropy Change in Some Basic Processes 1B-7 1.C Applications of the Second Law 1.C.1 Limitations on the Work that Can be Supplied by a Heat Engine 1C-1 1.C.2 The thermodynamic Temperature Scale 1C-3 1.C.3 Representation of Thermodynamic Processes in T-s coordinates 1C-4 1.C.4 Brayton Cycle in T-s coordinates 1C-5 1.C.5 Irreversibility, Entropy Changes, and Lost Work 1C-8 1.C.6 Entropy and Unavailable Energy 1C-11 1.C.7 Examples of Lost Work in Engineering Processes 1C-14...
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This note was uploaded on 12/19/2011 for the course AERO 16.050 taught by Professor Zoltanspakovszky during the Fall '02 term at MIT.

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01_contents_cvr - MIT Course 16 Fall 2002 Thermal Energy...

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