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Chapter 3 - MP changes

Chapter 3 - MP changes - Chapter 3 Measuring the Dimensions...

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Chapter 3 Measuring the Dimensions of Health In Chapter 3, Segall and Fries ask what it means to be in good health and how good health is measured. Learning Objectives The meaning of good health How is good health measured Antonovsky salutogenic model of health Ill health and good health Differentiation between illness and wellness Expand the definition of health and wellness beyond absence of illness and disease Differentiation between population health and personal health Mixed method approach (survey, documents, interview) Summary Chapter 3 begins by differentiating personal health status and population health status. Whereas personal health status embraces a biomedic perspective, population health is multi-dimensional and includes all members of society regardless of health status. In spite of its critiques, Segall and Fries argue that there are many reason why a population health perspective is useful: it examines social production of health and the role of social relation in maintain good health, it provides a way of looking at how social factors affect health, and it is committed to promoting health for all by addressing inequalities.
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