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Chapter 10 - MP changes - Chapter 10 Medicalization of...

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Chapter 10 Medicalization of Beings and Bodies: The Link Between Population Health and Biomedical Care Learning Objectives Social construction of medical knowledge Critical examination of the five tenets of biomedicine The overstated role of biomedicine in population health Understand the process of medicalization through a conflict and Foucauldian approaches Iatrogenesis in medicalization Summary This chapter begins by asking where increased spending on formal health care would translate into improved health population status. International data on life expectancy and health care spending are not straightforward. Countries that spend the most on health care do not necessarily have the highest years of life expectancy. A critical examination of the history of biomedicine is presented. Doctors in the late nineteenth century held very little prestige, often being of lower socio- economic status than their patients. Medical knowledge was limited and doctors’ treatments were solely based on reported symptoms: symptoms and illness were not differentiated. With industrialization and urbanization a new medical model emerged in the early 1900s: hospital medicine, a way to treat large populations of sick and often poor people. The focus for understanding disease shifted from symptoms to underlying pathological issues (strep throat causing a fever). Foucault coined the term “medical gaze” to describe the scientific and objective understanding of sickness. Medicine underwent a transformation in 1910 with the publication of the Flexner Report, which critically examined the state of medical education in Canada and the United States. The report concluded that medical schools must be science-based programs and affiliated with universities. The implementation of the Flexner Report marked the 1
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professionalization of medicine, and the emergence of the passive patient. The
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Chapter 10 - MP changes - Chapter 10 Medicalization of...

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