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Com 143 Notes - Com 143 August 22 III Some Key Definitions...

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Com 143 August 22: III. Some Key Definitions A. Culture with a capital “C”- culture that is lofty and worthy of being in a museum. Things like Mozart and Manet. B. culture with a small “c”: 1. Campbell : “…is a process that delivers the values of a society through products or other meaning-making forms.” (p. 6) 2. Becker : …is a place where society struggles over competing values, where dominant norms get established and reinforced but sometimes also challenged. Know difference between these two… He believes that culture is not such an easy process that Campbell makes it out to be. He believes that culture is a place of struggle and contestation. There are values that conflict. Culture is a process in all societies that delivers the values of that society through products like TV shows. o Ex . Marriage used to be between a man and woman only but now ppl are considering other views. On “Friends” they all go to Carols wedding showing their support for it and also giving the viewers an image of a gay wedding as an accepted value. Norms in the dominant position are constantly being reinforced. Societies are messy and always at risk of falling apart, culture is the glue. B. Communication 1. “the creation and use of symbol systems that convey information and meaning”(pg. 5) 2. Examples of symbol systems (or languages) Traffic light- red means stop, yellow means slow, green is go. The 3 colors work together as a symbol system. Language is a symbol system (English is one and French is another.) Public restroom signs Symbols for man are tested by people like transgenders..etc. the iconic image of a man is challenged. Handicapped signs have values woven in ***Clothing is a symbol system- he is wearing a tie which symbolizes that he is professional and conservative. But when he changes into a cutoff and workout shorts our view of him is completely different. Clothing can indicate sexual orientation and status. Our culture has rules that maintain social order. C. Communication media 1. from Latin medius —middle 2. point-to-point vs. mass Point to point- from one person to another (ex. Telegraph, telephone..)
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Mass- from one point to many. (ex. Newspaper, magazines, broadcasting, film) Internet??? It has muddied the clarity of the line between point to point and mass. (Facebook…it is communication from one person to another but everyone can see it.) (youtube, email). IV. Media Critique: Thinking About the Tension Between Our Roles as A. “media consumers” Role as media consumers is the individuals good, to focus on whats good for you and interests you. (we connect with others through consuming media) B. “media producers” As a producer you need to please the boss and make a profit. (facebook makes us producers, posting something to youtube) C. “media-age citizens” Role as a media age citizen is to vote/debate ideas, volunteer, to be an active engaged member of the community you are active in, social responsibility, the common good.
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