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Com 143 review - Ch 1 1 Define culture mass communication...

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Ch 1: 1. Define culture, mass communication, and mass media and explain their interrelationships. - Culture : the way society and individuals use symbols of expression to make sense of daily life and articulate values. - Mass media : cultural industries, channels of communication that help circulate the values that culture provides. - Mass communication - A PROCESS. Process in which cultural messages are designed and then delivered to many people through mass media channels. Culture + Mass Media = Mass Communication 2 . What are the key technological breakthroughs that came w/ the transition to the print and electronic eras? Why are they significant? Guttenburgs printing press (books became the first mass marketed products in history), large quantities could be created fast, and the price went down drastically so less affluent people could afford it. Major social and political change b/c writers could spread views farther and faster without traditional civic doctrine and religious authority getting in way (protestant reformation and modern nationalism are examples of this). Led to a more centralized nation. Printing press fostered nationalism but also promoted individualism because people were relying less on their local community for guidance, they were more educated. Electronic era began with the telegraph in the 1840s. 4 key contributions (1. Separated communication from transportation making messages instantaneous. 2. Transformed information into a commodity, a thing that could be bought and sold. 3. Made it easy for military, business and political leaders to operate. 4. Led to future technological developments) 3. Explain key features of the Digital era and the concept of media convergence. -the internet and social media are changing the way we consume and engage with media culture. Allow us to connect with friends and give us more choices but also break down shared media experiences in favor of individual interests. - Media convergence : current changes occurring in media content and within media companies. Has 2 meanings: one referring to technology and one to business, and has a great impact on how media companies are charting a course for the future. Technological : oral communication, for example, is being reconfigured by email and social media. Print communication is being reconfigured through the many online newspapers. Business : also called cross platform. Example: a company that owns tv stations, radio outlets, and newspapers in multiple markets can deploy a reporter or producer to to create 3 or 4 versions of the same story for various media outlets. Fewer employees.
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4. Explain Linear Model of Mass communication and its limitations. - Senders transmit messages through a mass media channel to large groups of receivers . In the process gatekeepers function as message filters. The process also allows for feedback , people can write letters to the editor or email etc.
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