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More Than Just a Modern Family Nikki Resor The title Modern Family is simple and generic but could not be more fitting for the television show. A traditional family is one that has existed for hundreds of years; it is one that has been accepted because it follows traditional values and norms, but in this day and age, people are challenging tradition. Many people are beginning to accept the idea of gay couples and people of different races and ethnicities having families. Yes, it is still frowned upon by a great deal of people, but that isn’t stopping families from becoming increasingly more diverse. This show is a depiction of not only a traditional American family, but also an untraditional American family that is becoming more common in the United States today. Modern Family speaks to America by showing that love within a family does not have to be limited by race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The three families in this series are all related through Jay Pritchett, who is the father of Claire Dunphey and Mitchell Pritchett. Jay married a young Latina woman and is now the stepfather to her fifth grade son Manny. Claire is married to Phil Dunphey; together they have three children, Haley, Alex, and Luke. Mitchell is in a homosexual relationship with a man named Cameron. Mitchell and Cameron have a newly adopted daughter, Lilly, from Vietnam. The opening scene in the first episode of Modern Family is one that many Americans can relate to. Claire Dunphey stands in the kitchen of their suburban home while multitasking before her kids’ first day of school. She frantically makes lunches and yells for her children to come downstairs while her husband, Phil, sits idly next to her (“Pilot”). It is obvious that Claire takes on the responsibility of running the household
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and keeping the family in order. She encourages Phil to take care of disciplining the kids, but usually ends up taking care of that responsibility as well. Whenever one of the children has done something wrong, Phil’s automatic reaction is to please his wife by disciplining them. However, as to avoid upsetting his relationship with the kids, he usually doesn’t follow through with his punishments. His relatively passive parenting style is countered by Claire’s assertiveness and her ability to take charge. Claire is a genuinely concerned mother whose goal is to raise her children to be successful and well
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Modern Family - More Than Just a Modern Family Nikki Resor...

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