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Technology forum post - Forum Post Inventions like the...

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Forum Post Inventions like the Internet, text messaging, and social networking sites, have introduced a complex array of advantages and disadvantages that need to be acknowledged by society. Communication has been facilitated to the point where we could have a conversation with someone and not even see their face or hear their voice. People have the ability to log into Facebook and view someone’s personality profile within minutes. Over the past decade, tremendous advances in technology have introduced countless opportunities for people to grow on so many levels. However, social skills, physical interaction, and emotional communication are being hindered by technology, resulting in negative affects on all of society, especially children. The advancements in technology have allowed people to communicate in an efficient, quick, and constant manner. This ongoing communication has a way of bringing relationships closer because we are more active and mentally present in one another’s lives. On the other hand, this communication lacks the physical, verbal, and audible aspects that I find to be so important in all relationships. When people are text messaging or instant messaging, they cannot actually see a person’s physical reaction or hear the
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Technology forum post - Forum Post Inventions like the...

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