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Nikki Resor English 112 BF HW # 4: Text to image February, 16, 2011 The scene I chose to draw was when Frank and Tub stopped for the second time at the roadhouse, leaving Kenny wounded outside. Instead of showing just the inside of the roadhouse, I decided to show an overall view of what was going on during that time because it portrayed where everyone stood in the story. I chose this scene because it demonstrated a major message of the story. At this time, Tub had just told Frank that he has an eating problem and that he feels guilty because he is living a lie. Previously, Frank had told Tub that he was in love with a fifteen-year-old girl and was deeply troubled by it. When Frank told him he clearly felt like a horrible person, but Tub was supportive and stood by his side, showing Frank that he was trustworthy and a true friend. In the scene that I drew, I feel as though Frank was
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Unformatted text preview: trying to show his support and acceptance for Tub’s issue because he could relate to his feelings of guilt and shame. He embraced Tub’s problem and let him know that it was okay. The fact that Kenny was outside in the car while they were having this moment of true friendship shows that Kenny was not a trustworthy friend all along. When Kenny knew about Frank’s secret and Tub did not, Frank made sure to stick with Kenny because he needed to know that he could trust him; but Kenny never gave him the feeling that his secret was safe. That is why he did not go above and beyond to help Kenny when he was shot. He went above and beyond to help Tub feel safe and secure because Tub had done the same for him. This scene demonstrated the whole theme of trust and friendship that Tobias Wolff was trying to convey....
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