Eng 112 hw 5 - Nikki Resor English 112 BF HW#5 Youre the Advisor I am the narrators older sister and I want to help her understand that her life

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Nikki Resor English 112 BF HW #5: You’re the Advisor 2/23/2011 I am the narrator’s older sister and I want to help her understand that her life and feelings don’t need to be this way; she doesn’t have to feel empty. I feel as if I am partially to blame. Mom, Dad, and I haven’t been there to help guide you and let you know how special you are. I want you to understand that you are a beautiful, strong woman that needs to be appreciated. There was a time in my life when I felt like the pressure to give in to boys was too strong for me to handle. They are constantly pushing you and make you feel like a tease if you don’t give them what they want, but your better then that. I want you to realize that even though it is so easy to give in to the pressures that come with lust and sex, you need to understand how they are damaging you. They are ruining your self-esteem and making you feel as if you’re not worthy of true love and intimacy. It kills me to see you so sad and empty, because I know you deserve a world of
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