Eng 112- one page

Eng 112- one page - younger brother who is in eighth grade...

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1 Nikki Resor English 112 BF HW #1: One Page January 12, 2010 Page One For me, there is something very difficult about writing one page on whatever I want. I suppose I will use it to talk about myself and who I am, because that seems to make the most sense. My name is Nikki and I am an eighteen year old from Solon, Ohio. I recently decided to major in Strategic Communication; I am not exactly sure what I would like to do with it yet but I have a few ideas in mind. I am interested in advertisement, because I can be somewhat persuasive and I enjoy being creative. I have many other ideas about what I might want to do, but they are all undefined right now, because I am pretty indecisive. I am also really terrible at math and can’t wait to be finished with it after Stat 261. I am a middle child and have an older sister, who goes to Miami as well, and a
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Unformatted text preview: younger brother, who is in eighth grade. We have a foreign exchange student from the Dominican Republic, who is staying with us for the school year. My family is really close and I can’t imagine what I would do without them. We have lived in Solon since I was two and we have the cutest yellow lab in the world named Oliver. I used to play tennis for my high school freshman year, but I quit because I’m really uncompetitive and just liked to play for fun. My favorite band is Slightly Stoopid; they are a reggae-rock group. I also love the Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Marley, and everything else that sounds anything like them. I have a huge sweet tooth, 2 that can become quite the problem, and I would do anything to help a friend. So this is my one page that briefly summarizes who I am and what I am about....
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Eng 112- one page - younger brother who is in eighth grade...

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