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Week 12 diary - Nikki Resor UA Rachel Petri Wednesday 6:00...

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Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wednesday 6:00 Week 12: Oral History Interview Questions: 1. Think of a topic or an event that occurred before 2000 dealing with some form of media. How did you react to it? 2. Did this event or item change the way you viewed certain things? 3. Did this event help you personally or effect you in a way that was significant? Notes: First time he used the world wide web. It was amazing to him that you scould access info without physically looking it up. Business wise it changed the ability to communicate with others and now you can email but used to use fax machine. Was much more work. Introduced to it about 1990, introduced by a client and he showed him how it worked. Cool technology but also better and more efficient for business. Eased into it pretty quickly. Didn’t completely stop using other methods of communication but within a year he relyed on it more than any others. He had one for work before we got one at home.
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