Week 13 Diary - Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wedesday 6:00...

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Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wedesday 6:00 Week 13: Oral History Analysis During the early 1990’s, the World Wide Web had become an extraordinary invention that would soon change people’s lives drastically. The Web is a resource that has evolved a great deal over the past twenty years, but it has never failed to amaze us. The invention that was originally created to link information and facilitate browsing on the Internet is now something that we use for business, social, and academic purposes to name a few. When I interviewed my father about a significant memory he had dealing with the media, he immediately began talking about the invention of the World Wide Web. His memory of this resource is one that he is reminded of daily, due to the fact that it is such a huge part of society and our culture today. When the Web was created, it was not immediately adopted and utilized by everyone like it is today. My dad was introduced to the resource through a client he had been doing business with. Originally, the Web was used by scholars and scientists to facilitate the sharing of information, but it was soon adopted by the public. Business people, much like my father, were introduced to it because it was a way for them to communicate and receive information at a much faster rate. Before the Web, they used fax machines and telephones to transmit data, but now they could use the Internet and e-mail to research and receive data. My father told me that the World Wide Web changed business in a huge way because it made communication much simpler. He was fascinated by the technology of the Web because you were able to 1
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Week 13 Diary - Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wedesday 6:00...

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