Week 16 Diary - Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wednesday 6:00...

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Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wednesday 6:00 Week 16: Final Portfolio Essay As a young adult in college, I have come to realize that, in life, we will continually be faced with obstacles and experiences that require a set of well rounded and practiced skills. The Miami Plan is a program that many students resent because it requires them to take courses they are not necessarily interested in. Although some students may not feel as if the content of these Miami Plan courses is relevant to them, many don’t realize that the work they are assigned in these classes is a means of practicing vital skills that are necessary in real world situations. One of the first principles of the Miami Plan is to develop critical thinking skills. Critical thinking requires students to go beyond what is learned in class. Students are required to deeply investigate certain topics or concepts by branching out and taking it upon themselves to understand the many aspects involved in that area. Instead of just learning the information presented in class, critical thinking encourages us to come up with our own information and personal understanding of a subject. Therefore, we are able practice learning in our own unique way that is most suitable for our individual needs. I noticed myself using critical thinking skills while doing the Oral History Analysis Diary. This assignment did not give us a direct prompt, but instead it gave us a prompt in which we could go many different directions with. We were required to take the topic from our previous diary’s interview and do our own research about it. The research that took place while I was working on this assignment made me understand that I was doing more than just discussing something we had learned in class. I was actually taking my own class 1
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related subject and informing myself on the many aspects involved with it. My father
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Week 16 Diary - Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wednesday 6:00...

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