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week 2 revision - Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri 6:00...

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Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri 6:00 Wednesday Week #2: New Media Encounter Revision As a consumer in today’s society, I would have to consider myself an overactive participant; but then again, wouldn’t we all? Nearly every minute of every day, we are exposed to an abundance of media in forms that we may not even realize. The media is a complex process with numerous levels that affects us in different ways, whether they are subtle or blatantly obvious. In no attempt to be overdramatic, I must state that I believe Google has become the king of the Internet realm. It started out as a simple search engine that facilitated browsing the web, but overtime, it has grown and matured, making the Internet what it is today. Google gives us access to information that would otherwise be incredibly difficult for us to find on the web. If a friend asks me a question that I do not have the answer to I simply say, “Just Google it.” Although there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, Google is easily the most efficient and dominating source out there. Unlike many of my peers, I was not the proud owner of a Smartphone until about
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week 2 revision - Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri 6:00...

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