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Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wed 6:00 Week 5: Midterm Exam Preparation Ch 1 question : Chuck Berry’s song “Roll over Beethoven” is an example of how high culture and low culture were fused together in order to highlight the differences between the middle class and the elite. This is formally known as: a.) Paradox b.) Rationalism c.) Populism d.) Media Convergence Ch 2: The Internet became a marketable medium and reached the entrepreurial stage with the invention of: a.) E-mail b.) ARPAnet c.) Microprocessors d.) Packet Switching Ch 3: The invention of Radio was highly controversial because: a.) It gave people free music and musicians did not like this. b.) It integrated and publicized the traditions and sounds of different cultures. c.) All stations only played the music that people in the “high culture” liked. d.) It was extremely expensive. Ch 14: Cultural Studies Scholars would use each of the following methods besides:
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Unformatted text preview: a.) Textual Analysis b.) Audience Analysis c.) Content Analysis d.) Political Economy In preparing for our first midterm exam, I have realized that I am most anxious about confusing certain terms and concepts on the test. There are so many ideas and terms that sound similar or have similar meanings and I am worried that I will incorrectly identify them. I am also worried about the fact that this is our first test and I am unfamiliar with how the questions are styled and where the majority of information will come from. Will it come mostly from the textbook or from the notes taken in class? I also worry that a lot of the information from the textbook was not covered in our class notes. I have been studying both thoroughly, but I am still worried that I am not covering all of the information I will need to know....
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