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Week 8 diary - audience which I feel was a huge element of...

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Nikki Resor UA: Rachel Petri Wednesday 6:00 Week 8: Ad Analysis Peer Review When we were paired up in our group meeting, I was intrigued by my partner’s advertisement because she chose one that looked sexy, fun, and interesting. After reading her analysis of the Pucker Vodka advertisement, I feel as though I understand it on a deeper level. Similarly to myself, my partner focused on the color scheme and why it was significant. Although my analysis of color was somewhat different than hers, I believe we both focused our discussion on why the colors were significant and how the audience would react to them. Another similarity I noticed was that we both analyzed a beverage and discussed how they display it on the page and why it is significant to the message. My partner also displayed an understanding of relating the advertisement directly to the
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Unformatted text preview: audience, which I feel was a huge element of my diary entry as well. On the contrary, I noticed that my partner focused more on the text and writing in her ad while I focused more on the images and visuals. After reading my partners analysis, I felt as though she did a successful job in applying each point of her analysis back to the audience of the ad. She kept the message and audience in mind consistently throughout her paper. One thing I noticed that could be improved in her paper was her development of ideas. I felt as though some of her points started off very well, but she failed to dig deeper and elaborate on what she was trying to say. If she would have explained her analysis in a more in-depth manner, her diary entry might be a little bit more compelling....
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