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Geo 349 #4 - -1 st finger(pinky Sierra Nevagda Lots of...

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Geo 349 #4 Alpine and Mediterranean South - Location: Alpine formations, costal plains and basins of Mediterranean - Age: < 50 million years (youngest) - Topography (grain): definite grain because African plate is pushing North mountain lines lie East –West - Topography (variation): tremendous range deep valleys, basins, plateaus, etc. - Climatic barrier: due to height, especially in summer not so much in winter - Vegetations: entire Mediterranean region was a dense forest, most of this forest was destroyed by human activity. So now we have 2 nd growth vegetation (woody, sparse). Maquis is a french term for land exposed to erosion due to sparse, low vegetation. Garique, short scattered vegetation across landscape. - Drainage: Meditteranean rivers are very short and are very dry in the summer and full, rapid in the winter. Don’t work well for trade and travel navigation since they don’t work year round. 1. Iberian Peninsula - think of a stretched out hand, meat of palm is Iberian Mountains
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Unformatted text preview: -1 st finger (pinky): Sierra Nevagda. Lots of olive trees and grain plots.-Puerto de Calatrava-Central Sierra-Old Castilian Basin-Bull cutout seen all over Spain-Pyrenees, one of the major blocades of movement-Foothill of Pyrenees start off green and they get rugged -Andorra (microstate) in between France and Spain 2. Balearic Islands and the French Maritimes-You will eventually emerge in the French Riviera and Monaco-Maritime Alps-Mont Cenis pass-Mt. Blanc (highest point of the Alps) 3. Swiss and Austrian Alps-Matterhorn, rises at the rate a finger nail’s growth-Bernese Alps, Aletsch glacier-Austria-Hohe Tauren, Untersalzbach -Austria – Tirolfohn wind, Mistral wind-Alpine ranges (longitudinal valley)-Alps have lots of passes -Finger lake (common feature of the Alps) are melt water lakes, mark entrances to major passes. Always have a major city on these lakes....
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