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Chapter 8 - MP changes - Chapter 8 Unravelling the Mystery...

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Unravelling the Mystery of Health: An Intersectional Model Learning Objectives Intersectional analysis refers to the ways in which health determinants interact with one another in relation to social class, gender, race, age, geographic location Lifestyle behaviours are an inadequate explanation for health disparities Healthy lifestyles are merely a matter of individual choice. Health behaviours are multi-dimensional and not necessarily related Bourdieu’s relational model as it applies to health behavior Summary The chapter begins by posing the question of which groups of people are at risk for poor health. (The simple answer is an Aboriginal older women living in poverty.) However, this answer is complex because it takes socioeconomic status, ethnicity, age, and gender into account. The framework that integrates all these factors is known as intersectional analysis. The authors re-introduce the impact of lifestyle on health. Negative lifestyle factors such as smoking (especially the increasing trend among women), alcohol consumption, the obesity epidemic, and unsafe sexual practices are discussed. Although the solution appears to be straightforward — exercise, drink less, eat better, engage in healthy relationships — this line of thinking is problematic. The government’s health promotion adopts a neoliberal agenda, which places the onus on the individual to make changes. Yet, health disparities are only partially explained by lifestyle factors and therefore must be situated in matters of structural inequality and social location. Furthermore, health promotions programs have been shown to be less effective for poor people, particularly those living in social exclusion. One explanation, according to
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Chapter 8 - MP changes - Chapter 8 Unravelling the Mystery...

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