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Chapter 11 - MP changes - Chapter 11 Moving Beyond...

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Chapter 11 Moving Beyond Biomedicine: Medical Learning Objectives Medical pluralism through a social constructionist perspective Understand why alternative medicine is on the rise Understand alternative medicine in relation to “traditional medicine” Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and its three research streams Effect of social location on alternative medicine “Pragmatic acculturation” or crossing cultural boundaries in pursuit of health and wellness Summary This chapter, through a social constructionist perspective, introduces medical pluralism, the notion that there are differing, culturally-based beliefs for practicing medicine. This is often referred to as alternative medicine, an approach that confronts much controversy, especially among the mainstream medical profession. In western cultures, since the rise of medical dominance, alternative medicine has been frowned upon. That being said, alternative medicine persists and even is on the rise as a healing practice. Alternative medicine is a term that describes health treatment that is not biomedicine. Complementary medicine is when an individual uses both biomedicine and alternative medicine to treat their health condition, and this is referred to as Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). There are three research streams associated with CAM: medical, epidemiological and social scientific. The use of alternative medicine varies by social location. Women who are
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Chapter 11 - MP changes - Chapter 11 Moving Beyond...

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