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Chapter 12 - MP changes - Chapter 12 Achieving Healthy...

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Chapter 12 Achieving Healthy Futures Learning Objectives How theoretical paradigms shape the ways in which we understand health and illness Saultogenic approach to studying health draws on research using mixed methods Constrained choices identifies the social construction of how healthy choices are made Debates around personal, professional, and public responsibility of health Canada’s health care system is an example of structural intervention Canada’s framework for health promotion and the Ottawa Chapter for Health Promotion are two Canadian health promotion policies befitting a salutogenic approach Summary We have arrived at the closing chapter. The unique purpose of this book was to present a salutogenic model of health that pays specific attention to social location as a determinant of health. The chapter begins with a review of the theoretical paradigms studied in this book. Although each paradigm offers a different way of understanding health, Segall and Fries argue for an integrated theoretical approach in studying health and wellness, which draws on both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Social determinants play a pivotal role in explaining population health. Social determinants have typically been divided into personal (self-care) and structural determinants (social location). A salutogenic model of health posits that the personal and structural factors interact with one another, thus necessitating an intersectional analysis “of overlapping health disparities.” The chapter presents a critical analysis of personal (informal care),
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Chapter 12 - MP changes - Chapter 12 Achieving Healthy...

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