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PSYC 476 November 16, 2011 Notes - 1 PSYC 476 Positive...

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PSYC 476 Positive Psychology November 16, 2011 Please note No lecture next week (November 23) Second exam in class as scheduled (December 7) Outline Positive Health Modest Form Bold Form “The Age Wave” Possible Markers of Positive Health Positive Health As the textbook observes, “health” has long been an emphasis of the disciplines (medicine, public health, health psychology) concerned with physical well-being, in a way that “health” has not been an emphasis until recently of the disciplines (psychology, social work) concerned with psychological well-being. Consider the well-known 1946 statement by the World Health Organization o “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” o A definition sometimes expanded to include spiritual well-being, occupational satisfaction, and environmental safety , as well as balance and integration of these various components That said, medicine, especially in our world, has become perversely prioritized to focus almost exclusively on end-of-life issues among the elderly and extremely ill, with little attention to prevention and even less attention to promotion So, it makes sense to take a new look at the notion of physical well-being and to do so from the perspective of positive psychology Can we do for physical health—wellness—what positive psychology has done for mental health? cf. Seligman (2008) Two forms of this question o Modest form: are there factors that predict good health above- 1
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and-beyond the usual risk factors for poor health (e.g., BMI, cholesterol, alcohol abuse, smoking, sedentary lifestyle)? The answer is clearly yes, according to research, and many
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PSYC 476 November 16, 2011 Notes - 1 PSYC 476 Positive...

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