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Wellness Reading Notes Positive Affect: feelings that reflect a level of pleasurable engagement with the environment such as happiness, joy, etc Nun study: greater positive emotion words and sentences = increased life Illness onset: those with high levels of PA (reported being lively, energetic, happy, cheerful, at ease, calm) less likely to develop a cold when exposed to a virus. Individuals with diseases that have decent prospects for long-term survival, may benefit from PA. o High PA bad for diseases with poor and short term prognoses (under
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Unformatted text preview: reporting symptoms, lack of adherence for treatment. How? o High PA associated with better health practices , health relevant hormones, The Effects of Choice and Enhanced Personal Responsibility for the Aged. .-Langer 2 groups. One group was emphasized their responsibility for their selves (and was able to make more choices and responsibility of caring for a plant) and the other emphasized the staffs responsibility. Alertness, active participation, and a general sense of well being...
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