PSYCH 476 Second Exam Review Sheet(2)

PSYCH 476 Second Exam Review Sheet(2) - PSYCH 476 Second...

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PSYCH 476 Second Exam Review Sheet Christopher Peterson Fall 2011 We have our second exam in class on December 7. The format of the exam will be multiple- choice, and the questions will range across the material covered since the midterm; i.e., the exam is not cumulative. Questions will draw on lectures, films shown in class, assigned textbook chapters, and required readings. There will likely be 60-75 questions. Most of you should finish in an hour, although you are encouraged to take the entire two-hour class period if you wish to do so. If the December 7 exam date proves unwieldy for you, please contact me ( [email protected] ) as soon as possible, and an alternative date will be arranged during the final exam period. If you need special accommodations for the test, I assume you have already contacted me. But if you have not previously done so, please contact me so I know what to do. Details will be announced about special accommodations, so stay tuned. Also, we have arranged a second room for the exam in addition to the East Hall Auditorium so that students can sit in every other seat. Where you should go for the exam, given your discussion section, will be announced. Stay tuned. Questions are specific, but I hope not exotic. So, you should know important terms (e.g., the bold-faced glossary entries in the textbook and those emphasized in lecture); the names of important people and why they are important; tests; and the methods and findings of research studies that have been stressed. Questions about readings will refer to the author(s) and title of an article, and you should know the main points in each. Ditto for the films shown in class. On the midterm, the questions on the readings seemed to be more challenging than those on the lectures, textbook chapters, or films. Please do the readings carefully, but when you review the readings, focus on the bigger picture. When a study is described, know who was studied, how, and why, and what the findings were. Part of studying for an exam is figuring out what is not all that important. Do not study material that was conveyed in lecture or the textbook for the sole purpose of sparking interest. Another part of studying for an exam is to make the material your own, so I recommend writing or typing out notes in your own words—as opposed to passive highlighting—as a way to understand the material. Like the midterm, the second exam will be curved. Some Names of Note American Psychological Association responsible for many contributions in positive psych--> created a separate division for psychology of religion
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Aristotle -Has been described as a polymath -Had a firm belief on the fact that mind and bodies were continuous -doctrine of mean- all virtues lie between the extremes of deficiency and excess Gordon Allport -originally made the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity -also responsible for functional autonomy of motives (start off doing an activity for own reason, and then the motives become autonomous)
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PSYCH 476 Second Exam Review Sheet(2) - PSYCH 476 Second...

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