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Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 39

Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 39 - 28 Given 1 m 9 2 Prove...

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28. Given: 1 2 m 9 Prove: m 18 Proof: 29. Given: 5 z 1 Prove: z 6 Proof: 30. Given: XZ ZY , XZ 4 x 1, and ZY 6 x 13 Prove: x 7 Proof: 31. Given: m ACB m ABC Prove: m XCA m YBA Proof: 32. Given: E k hf W Prove: f E k h W Proof: 33. Given: m ACB m DCE Prove: m ACB m ACG m DCE m ECF Proof: Thus, all of the angle measures would be equal. 34. Sample answer: Michael has a symmetric relationship of first cousin with Chris, Kevin, Diane, Dierdre, and Steven. Diane, Dierdre, and Steven have a symmetric and transitive relationship of sibling. Any direct line from bottom to top has a transitive descendent relationship. 35. See students’ work. 36. Sample answer: Lawyers use evidence and testimony as reasons for justifying statements and actions. All of the evidence and testimony is linked together to prove a lawyer’s case similar to a proof in mathematics. Answers should include the following. • Evidence is used to verify facts from witnesses or materials.
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