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Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 41

Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 41 - 7 Given PQ Prove PS RS...

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7. Given: PQ RS , QS ST Prove: PS RT Proof: 8. Given: AP CP BP DP Prove: AB CD Proof: 9. Given: HI TU and HJ TV Prove: IJ UV Proof: 10. Given: AB CD Prove: CD AB Proof: 11. Since Aberdeen is in South Dakota while Helena, Miles City, and Missoula are in Montana, Aberdeen is at one end of the line segment along which the four cities lie. Miles City is closest to Aberdeen (473 miles), Helena is next closest to Aberdeen (860 miles), and Missoula is farthest from Aberdeen (972 miles). Thus, Helena is between Missoula and Miles City. Pages 104–106 Practice and Apply 12. Symmetric 13. Substitution 14. Segment Addition 15. Transitive 16. Addition 17. Subtraction 18. Given: AD CE , DB EB Prove: AB CB Proof: B A C D E A B C D H I J T U V A C P D B R T S Q P 43 Chapter 2 Statements Reasons a. ? , ? PQ RS , QS ST a. Given b. PQ RS , QS ST b. ? Def. of segments c. PS PQ QS , RT RS ST c. ? Segment Addition Post. d. ? PQ QS RS ST d. Addition Property e. ? PS RT e. Substitution f. PS RT f. ? Def. of segments Statements Reasons 1. AP CP and BP DP 1. Given 2. AP CP and
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