Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 42

Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 42 - 19. Given: XY Prove:...

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Unformatted text preview: 19. Given: XY Prove: XY WZ and WZ AB AB d. ? Segment Addition Post. d. WY ZX X Z Y Proof: Statements Reasons WZ and WZ AB 1. Given 2. XY WZ and WZ AB 2. Def. of 3. XY AB 3. Transitive Prop. 4. XY AB 4. Def. of AC and PC AQ QB ZA AX e. ? Substitution WA ZA ZA f. ? Substitution g. ? Substitution g. 2WA 1. XY 20. Given: AB Prove: AP AY f. WA A WA AY, Z A AX e. WA W B h. h. Division Property ZA i. ZA 22. Given: LM PN and XM XN Prove: LX PX segs. Def. of segs. P L M X N Statements Q P ? Proof: B C ? WA i. WA segs. 2ZA Reasons 1. LM XN 1. Given 2. LM A Proof: PN and XM PN and XM XN 2. Def. of segs. 3. LM PN LX PX XM, XN 4. LX XM PX XN 4. Substitution segs. 5. LX XN PX XN 5. Substitution 3. Seg. Add. Post. 6. XN XN 6. Reflexive Prop. 7. LX Statements PX 7. Subt. Prop. PX 8. Def. of Reasons QB 1. Given 3. Seg. Add. Post. 1. AB AC and PC 2. AB AC, PC 3. AB AC AQ AP QB, PC 4. AQ QB AP PC 4. Substitution 8. LM 5. AQ QB AP QB 5. Substitution 6. QB QB 6. Reflexive Prop. 23. Given: AB Prove: AC Proof: 7. AP AQ 7. Subt. Prop. Statements Reasons 8. AP AQ 8. Def. of segs. 1. AB BC 1. Given W 2. AC AB BC 2. Seg. Add. Post. 3. AC BC BC 3. Substitution 4. AC 2BC QB 2. Def. of 21. Given: WY ZX A is the midpoint of WY. A is the midpoint of ZX. Prove: WA ZA Z A Proof: Reasons a. WY ZX a. A is the midpoint of WY. A is the midpoint of ZX. ? b. WY ? ZX ? WA Chapter 2 24. Given: AB Prove: AB Proof: Y Statements c. X b. AY, ZA BC 2BC A B C 4. Substitution AB A Statements B Reasons 1. AB Given segs. 1. Given 2. AB Def. of AX c. Definition of midpoint 44 2. Reflexive Prop. 3. AB segs. AB AB 3. Def. of segs. ...
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