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Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 100

Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 100 - 11 Given V Prove VR S...

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11. Given: V S , TV QS Prove: VR SR Proof: 12. Given: EJ FK , JG KH EF GH Prove: EJG FKH Proof: 13. Given: MN PQ , M Q 2 3 Prove: MLP QLN Proof: 14. Given: Z is the midpoint of CT . CY TE Prove: YZ EZ Proof: 15. Given: NOM POR , NM MR , PR MR , NM PR Prove: MO OR Proof: Since NM MR and PR MR , M and R are right angles. M R because all right angles are congruent. We know that NOM POR and NM PR . By AAS, NMO PRO. MO OR by CPCTC. 16. Given: DL bisects BN . XLN XDB Prove: LN DB Proof: Since DL bisects BN , BX XN . XLN XDB . LXN DXB because vertical angles are congruent. LXN DXB by AAS. LN DB by CPCTC. B L N X D P N M O R Given CY || TE Midpt. Th. TZ CZ YZ EZ Given Z is the midpoint of CT . Alt. int. are . ETC YCT TEY CYE AAS CPCTC EZT YZC E C T Y Z ASA MLP QLN Given M Q 2 3 Given MN
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