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Unformatted text preview: 11. Given: V Prove: VR S, TV SR Proof: QS MN S T 2 1 MN R PQ Def. of MN NP NP PQ NP Addition Prop. S QS 1 Given 2 Vert. TRV MP are . NQ MN NP MP NP PQ NQ Seg. Addition Post. QRS MP NQ Def. of VR NP Reflexive Prop. Substitution AAS seg. SR CPCTC MLP 12. Given: EJ FK, JG KH EF GH Prove: EJG FKH J K QLN M 2 ASA Q 3 Given E F G 14. Given: Z is the midpoint of CT. CY TE Prove: YZ EZ E C H Proof: EF seg. Q V Proof: V TV PQ Given GH Z Given EF T Proof: GH Def. of seg. FG FG EF GH FG Addition Prop. FG Y CY || TE Z is the midpoint of CT. Reflexive Prop. Given Given EG FH EF FG EG FG GH FH EG FH Def. of EJG seg. TZ Seg. Addition Post. Substitution Midpt. Th. CZ FKH Corr. YZ KFH KHF YZC 15. Given: NOM POR, NM MR, PR MR, NM PR Prove: MO OR L 1 N EZ CPCTC are . 13. Given: MN PQ, M Q 2 3 Prove: MLP QLN M are . AAS Given JEG JGE YCT CYE Alt. int. EZT EJ || FK, JG || KH ASA ETC TEY 2 3 M O R Proof: Since NM MR and PR MR, M and R are right angles. M R because all right angles are congruent. We know that NOM POR and NM PR. By AAS, NMO PRO. MO OR by CPCTC. 16. Given: DL bisects BN. B D XLN XDB Prove: LN DB X 4 P P N Q L N Proof: Since DL bisects BN, BX XN. XLN XDB. LXN DXB because vertical angles are congruent. LXN DXB by AAS. LN DB by CPCTC. Chapter 4 102 ...
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