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Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 101

Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 101 - 17 Given F E EC Prove...

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17. Given: F J , E H EC GH Prove: EF HJ Proof: We are given that F J , E H , and EC GH . By the Reflexive Property, CG CG . Segment addition results in EG EC CG and CH CG GH . By the definition of congruence, EC GH and CG CG . Substitute to find EG CH . By AAS, EFG HJC . By CPCTC, EF HJ . 18. Given: TX SY TXY TSY Prove: TSY YXT Proof: Since TX SY , YTX TYS by Alternate Interior Angles Theorem. TY TY by the Reflexive Property. Given TXY TSY , TSY YXT by AAS. 19. Given: MYT NYT MTY NTY Prove: RYM RYN Proof: 20. Given: BMI KMT IP PT Prove: IPK TPB Proof: 21. Explore: We are given the measurement of one side of each triangle. We need to determine whether two triangles are congruent. Plan: CD GH , because the segments have the same measure. CFD HFG because vertical angles are congruent. Since F is the midpoint of DG , DF FG . Solve: We are given information about side-side- angle (SSA). This is not a method to prove two triangles congruent. Examine: Use a compass, protractor, and ruler to draw a triangle with the given measurements. For
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