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24. Explore: We are given the measurements of one side and one angle of each triangle. We need to determine whether the two triangles are congruent. Plan: It is given that J w M w > L w M w and / NJM > / NLM .By the Reflexive Property, N w M w > N w M w . Solve: We are given information about side-side- angle (SSA). This is not a method to prove two triangles congruent. Examine: Use a compass, protractor, and ruler to draw a triangle with the given measurements. For simplicity of measurement, we will use centimetersinstead of feet, so the measurements of the construction and those of the kite will be proportional. • Draw a segment 2.7 centimeters long. • At one end, draw an angle of 68°. Extend the line to exactly 2 centimeters. • At the other end of the segment, draw a seg-ment that intersects the 2 centimeter segment at any place other than either of its endpoints. Because no information is known about the length of the segment that determines the triangle, an infinite number of triangles are possible. It cannot
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