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Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 114

Pre-Calculus Homework Solutions 114 - 46 h j Sample answer...

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46. h i j ; Sample answer: The angle in the figure whose measure is 111 is congruent to the angle on the other side of line h such that the angles are vertical angles. Then 111 1 69 5 180, so h i j because consecutive interior angles are supplementary. 47. l i m ;2 lines ' to the same line are parallel Chapter 4 Study Guide and Review Page 227 Vocabulary and Concept Check 1. h 2. g 3. d 4. j 5. a 6. c 7. b 8. f Pages 228–230 Lesson-by-Lesson Review 9. n ABC has one angle with measure greater than 90, so it is an obtuse triangle. n ABC has two congruent sides, so it is isosceles. 10. n BDP has a right angle, so it is a right triangle. The measure of one of the acute angles is 60 so the measure of the other acute angle is 90 2 60 or 30. n BDP cannot be isosceles or equilateral so it must be scalene. 11. n BPQ has at least two congruent sides, and one of the base angles is 60° so the other base angle must also be 60°. Then the third angle is 180 2 (60 1 60) or 60 so n BPQ is equiangular
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