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sp past present future - Past We read in this chapter that...

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Past: We read in this chapter that families in the past had problems with transitioning from the pre-industrial age to the industrial age where kids are becoming a liability rather than an asset and where the father and husband becomes more distant to the family and all the responsibility in home is passed to the women. There is also in the World Wars where women are taking up jobs in factories where men used to work and are going out of the home and the effect on the family and where they still get unequal treatment and have to do all the housework and this causes a lot of stress. I think the solution to this would be for the men to continue to play a role in the family as well where the women are also working where they also help with taking care of the children and helping with some housework as well. I think the men these days are getting better at that… Present: It seems that suicide rates have risen 200% in the past decade from 15% in 2001 due to family problems to 44% in 2010. It seems that, “Children/youths have a lower threshold for
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