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Helena Tse Diana Abramson: I liked how you talked about listening to sides and explaining why you're angry instead of just screaming and yelling. I think this is a good thing for a lot of us to learn and apply to our lives as well. I also like how you have this back and forth argument and you didn't attack the other side but rather just simply stated your stance on the issue. Kristin Grant : It is a interesting topic you chose. I heard people talking about it quite a few times growing up. I really liked how you talked about it's not just about the statistics with the Lord but
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Unformatted text preview: that he truly cares and loves each individual person and that the Church is willing to help anyone regardless if they truly seek help. And it's true, as said in our past readings in the textbook about this issue, some people tend to go back to jail because they are unable to assimilate back into society afterwards. It takes help for them to be able to do that especially with a criminal record, it's hard....
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