spchurch and mental iillness

spchurch and mental iillness - are unable to forgive...

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Helena Tse In a talk called, “Mental Illness: In search of Hope and Understand”, given in Februaruay 1989 by Jan Underwood Pinborough, the story about a young man with schizophrenia is told. He was living a normal life, and while serving his mission, he was hit with the devastating disease. Luckily, he was able to find medicine to help his condition. We learn that it is genetic predispositions that usually cause these diseases and not how well you live the gospel. Some blame themselves for these diseases that hit their children that maybe if they had lived a better Gospel centered life, this wouldn’t have happened. We find that to not be the case…at least for the most part as far as we know scientifically. Others suffer mental illnesses because we are unable to let go of past occurrences. If we
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Unformatted text preview: are unable to forgive ourselves or someone else, constantly dwell on our failures, disappointments, or past problems, we may be more likely to suffer emotional distress. The article/talk says, “many serious mental illnesses are just that—genuine illnesses that need to be treated as such”. I think latter-day Saints approach mental illnesses for the most part, the same as others except that we tend to approach it in a more spiritual way. We tend to pray and think of the Lord more, and consult higher Church authorities and perhaps blame the problem on ourselves, on the possibility that perhaps the illness was caused by their not adequately living a gospel centered life. That perhaps this is a punishment for not following some commandments....
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