bom week 12 personal assess.

bom week 12 personal assess. - that one day and experiment...

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I liked how we talked about our covenants and that it is a covenant to become. The annointing in preparation and then the annointing when you actually become. That made a lot of sense to me. You don't just suddenly have everything you still have to work for it and then become and deserve what you get. Just like after baptism, you make the covenant with the Lord that you will follow him. The act of following him and the blessings that follow still depend on you. You still have to keep those commandments and remember the covenants that you have made, only then do you receive the blessings. It was also interesting to have Nehorism clarified for me. I just thought nehorism was just priestcraft but we discussed the deeper meaning where Nehorism is actually the product of what Alma was talking about: the murdering of many souls. I also enjoyed learning about that and chiasm. It seems like a pretty interesting way of writing to me. It made me kind of want to write a paper like
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Unformatted text preview: that one day and experiment and see. I don’t really know how good it will be until I write it and see but it just seems like an effective way because I still don’t really see it that well in the Book of Mormon yet because I have yet to study and understand the Book of Mormon to that degree, but I understand what the chiasm is; the way that it has point A to B, then C and then reiterates B then A. It also kind of made sense because I was actually wondering before about how come Alma is the thickest book before and this kind of makes sense. I guess Alma is like a big main point or summary? Kind of. Makes me think I should really pay more attention to these parts of Alma and study it again and also kind of helps me to understand the Book of Mormon more and how I should read and study it again the next time I start over from the beginning. (352)...
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