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CS1356 Introduction to Information Engineering Homework 1 Answer 1. (a)AAA (b)CB7 (c) 0 EB 2. (1)5054 <- ASCII binary mode ,2 stand for 50 , 6 stand for 54 (2)11010 3. a.7 b.1 c.21
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Unformatted text preview: d.17 e.19 f.0 g.4 h.8 i.16 j.25 k.26 l.27 4. a.111 b.1011 c.10000 d.1111 e.100001 5. a.01101 b.100000 c.10000 d.110001 e.01110 f.10011 g.111110 h.01101 i.10000 j.11111...
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