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3 The Homeric Hymns Lectures

3 The Homeric Hymns Lectures - The Homeric Hymn to Demeter...

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The Homeric Hymn to Demeter 2/11/08 I. Eleusis And the Hymn to Demeter a. Origins of the Eleusis Demeter i. Well before Elusis is incorporated in the city of Athens ii. Dates back to bronze age b. References to Eluesis in Hymn to Demeter i. Demeter asks for a temple devoted to herself c. Trust of Initiates i. Blessed is he who has seen them of humans who walk on the earth ii. But he who has not been enrolled in the rites, who is lacking a share iii. Has another lot in death beneath the moldy gloom (H.Dem.480-482) 1. They were going to get a special deal in the underworld (a good afterlife) 2. They had to take part of a special ceremony II. The Hymn to Demeter and the Ancient Near East a. Duttur and Damu i. Missing child and Searching Mother 1. The mother is a goddess (duttur) and her son (damu) is missing ii. Trapped in the underworld 1. Damu is has descended unwilling to the underworld iii. Release 1. Damu has to return to the underworld after a certain period of time iv. Fertility and seasons 1. Because of Damu going to the underworld it explains the four seasons, because he is the god of fertility b. Ishtar and Inanna i. Descent for power ii. Held Prisoner in the underworld iii. Messenger from the Gods is send to the underworld c. Hymn to Demeter and Mesopotamia i. Parallels (but no rape) ii. Contact between 900 and 730 BC
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iii. This Hymn is reliant on both of the previous two stories III. The Hymn to Demeter and The Epic Narrative (Greek) a. Withdrawal, Devastation, Return i. Similar pattern between Hymn and the Greek stories b. Achilles i. Withdrawal – he stops fighting ii.
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